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Indian Visa

Foreigners of visiting India can do so after obtaining a visa from the Indian High Mission in the country of their residence. They should possess a valid National Passport .
Except in the nationals of Bhutan and Nepal, who may carry only suitable means of identification.

Tourist Visas: A multi -entry visa is valid for 180 days on your tour & is granted for the purpose of tourism (Valid from the date of issue)

Foreigners coming to India on tourist visas for 180 days or a shorter period are not required to register themselves with any authority in India.

Collective Visas: The facility also exists for the issue to group tours consisting visas of not less than four members and sponsored by a travel agency recognized by the Government of India.

Landing Permit Facility: Tourists may note that no Landing Permit Facility is available to any foreign tourist landing without visa. A limited facility exists only for group tours consisting of four or more members and sponsored by a travel agency recognized by the Government of India.

Indian Visa

Tourist Groups: A tourist group arriving by air, ship or by a chartered or scheduled flight may be granted a collective landing permit for a period of up to 30 days by the immigration authorities on landing ,provided the group is sponsored by a recognized travel agency and a pre drawn itinerary is presented along with details of passport

Extension of Visa: No extension of stay is granted on a tourist Visa.

Other Types of Visas:
If a foreigner wishes to come to India for a purpose other than tourism, he should come after obtaining an appropriate visa out of the following:

Business Visa, Student Visa , Conference Visa, Employment Visa
For more information you can visit www. POINTS TO REMEMBER WHILE TRAVELING INDIA

All ports of entry in the country have a 24-hours bank exchange counter immediately after customs and immigration. Keep the encashment certificate that are given by hotels / banks when your convert foreign currency into rupees.
Rupees so converted, as evidence by the encashment certificates, are deemed to be foreign exchange when paying local bills. ( Few hotels and restaurants accept payment in foreign exchange from tourists ). These are also necessary for converting the Rupees into foreign currency when you return.

1 Pound               =             INR 82
1 US DOLLAR      =             INR 45
Subject to change as per the rate of exchange  
Avoid the intake from outside / local street , also tap drinking water too.
Take some basic health care medication with you on your tour like travel sickness tablets , sun screen ,    
insect repellent .
Check your travel insurance while travelling that should include your repatriation Costs

In case you have some problem / required help do feel free to take help from us / our local associates . As IDH believe to provide the best solution on time instead of to take the same on head.