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Tour to India
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About India
India – The Land of Mysticism through the land of unexpected , A Land where every guest is being treated as god and this show India’s tradition as “ ATHITI DEVO BHAVAH “ ( Guest is God ).

India – a country of diversity in every sphere the beauty of her landscape, geography, demography, culture, traditions and religion. India can rightly be called a canvas of many shades. Indian landscape is dotted with many magnificent temples of the ancient and medieval period Temples of Khajuraho, Caves of Ajanta and Ellora and Sun Temple in Orissa speak of the Splendour of India's golden past.

World most beautiful symbol of Love - Taj Mahal can be seen in India only. The monument of love in white marbles built by Shahjahan is a monument whose beauty and grandeur could not be matched by any other monument in the world.

India is also a land of great natural beauty. There are hundreds of picturesque hill stations in various parts of India. Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Mussorie, Ooty and Darjeeling are some of the most popular. A country with a long coastline, India is also full of scenic beaches.

About India

The Indian state of Goa & Kovalam are regarded as a haven for beach holidaying. The states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu also boast of many beautiful beaches.

Seasons in INDIA

India is being divided in Four Main weather seasons, Summers (Perfect time to travel India Hills) in India are generally from April to the middle of June. The mercury may rise above 40 degrees centigrade in many parts of northern, central and southern India. For traveling India Carry some light & cotton cloths .

The Monsoons normally hit India during late June and the rainy season may prevail till August. However, rainfall is not uniform and the north eastern part of the country receives the highest rainfall.

Winters (the perfect time to travel India) set in during late November and may last till February. Great variations in temperature are also seen in different parts of the country during winters. Kashmir may remain below freezing point in winters but southern India rarely experiences temperatures below 15 degrees . For traveling India Carry some woolen cloths.

The Autumn from February to April when weather is pleasurable.


Do carry attested photocopies of your travel documents and keep the originals in a safely locked baggage.
Do fill up a Currency Declaration Form along and a Disembarkation Card besides making an oral declaration of the luggage you are carrying.
Do not smoke in public places.
Do not give money to beggars.