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Career With IDH
One of the premier tour operators Indian Dharohar (IDH) has a vast expanse of tours and travel trips which covers the length and breadth of India. The professional attitude and the great services have considerably increased the customer base of IDH. Planning a career with this premier tour operator is a great thing that can happen to you. By building up a career with IDH and working here, you will be able to hone your prospects and also have a great learning experience.

Working with IDH can also be a great fun. The company puts great emphasis on employee relations and you can easily climb up the ladder of success through hard work, sincerity and dedication. So join IDH today and give a big boost to your career to help start it in the right direction.

In line with IDH Values our performance pay system is based both on individual performance and development as well as on contributions to achieving the department’s goals – IDH is a real team effort after all and our staff take great pride in their work.

Every office staff member has a performance review half yearly with their manager to ensure that regular feedback and encouragement are given and future development paths and training opportunities are identified.
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We definitely do not see these reviews as a kind of control or even disciplinary procedure but as an opportunity for two-way communication regarding the direction the employee is taking or would like to take.
Please do send your resume with the covering letter to hr@indiandharohar.com